Soft Crash – Your Last Everything – BITE023 – LP



Available 28.10.2022

Soft Crash is the collaborative project of two Italo Body Music trailblazers: BITE founder – Phase Fatale, and one of the label’s protagonists – Pablo Bozzi. United by a mutual passion for a particular melancholic yet sensual approach, and a sound that combines influences of synthwave, EBM, Italo and techno, the two have proved themselves to be a perfect match with ‘Spritzkrieg’ (2020) – their first EP on BITE.

This time, Soft Crash present their first long player ‘Your Last Everything’. The album further expands the Italo Body Music palette into electro, acid house, bleep, hi-nrg, and IDM. Each of the eight tracks on the LP sounds layered and intricate, with a variety of interactions between different technical elements and intertwining melodies that reference high production methods from the 80s and 90s turned contemporary.

The album centers itself around themes of dystopian cyberpunk and surreal cinematics. It looks to invoke emotion in cold and mechanical elements, making it feel like an organic new chapter in the duo’s ongoing exploration of the relationship between technology and the body.

‘Your Last Everything’ comes together in a sci-fi-like dramatic journey into another universe, juxtaposing internal conflicts of good and evil, creation and destruction, victory and defeat. The album cover features artwork by John Rohrer and logo by Autopsia (both Berlin-based queer artists). The cover visually completes the LP, capturing the feeling of losing and finding oneself in between the cyberworlds.

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EBM, italo body music, Techno

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