Plovdiv – “Golden” – 12″ -BSLK001


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  1. a1-ammonia 1:00
  2. a2-beauty-lies-in-the-corner 1:00
  3. a3-situationist-international 1:00
  4. b1-do-ut-des 0:45
  5. b2-lossy-star 1:00

Blacksilk finally unveils the first issue, shedding light on its founder’s darkest moniker. Taking shape as a multi-disciplinary project, the record label founded by the dj and producer Marc Ash aims to bring out the best of yet hidden experimental and obscure electronic acts. This challenge is achieved by pushing the boundaries between art and music, conveying a strong message with a well defined aesthetic imprint and therefore employing unconventional art pieces into release-specific imageries. Here it delivers the shallow decay of the humankind adorned by things. Five obscure electronic stories, pretty different from each other, reach the listener carrying all the sumptuousness of other times, covert by a puffy golden female attire. Five stories of discomfort, post-modern suffering of spoiled existences, pretentious attitudes and lust are told by crying litanies, broken electro beats, obsessive rhythms and dark synth lines that make their way decontextualizing a contemporary techno ambiance.
(BSLK001: 5 tracks, n°300 12” vinyl copies, distributed by ready made Distribution, shiny polished artwork provided by Peter Paul Rubens).


Weight 250 g
Dimensions 30,50 × 30,50 × 0,4 cm


BREAKS, EBM, Electro, Techno


12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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