P·A·L – Signum – AWLP014 – DBLP


  1. Workout P·A·L 1:00
  2. Zeichen P·A·L 1:00
  3. Seduction (Anthro II) P·A·L 1:00
  4. Gelöbnis P·A·L 1:00
  5. Get Lost P·A·L 1:00
  6. Bewegung P·A·L 1:00
  7. Never Forget P·A·L 1:00
  8. Creed P·A·L 1:00
  9. Shiftwork (Activist Movement Mix) P·A·L 1:00
  10. Anthropophobia (Reprise) P·A·L 1:11
  11. All Systems Collapsed (Ext. Version) P·A·L 1:00
  12. Agitation P·A·L 1:00
  13. Concrete Rage (Vinal Version) P·A·L 1:00
  14. Cighid (Edit) P·A·L 1:00
  15. The Skunk2 P·A·L 1:00

out on August 31

[a+w lp014] / act363
P·A·L – Signum 2LP
limited edition of 500 copies w/ download code
lp1: transparent red, lp2: white

“Signum” was initially released more than twenty years ago on cd format and became a larger-than-life cornerstone of P.A.L’s discography as well as a historical document in industrial music. recorded over a three year period from 1993- 95 this album displays the past & present face of this artist’s sonic variety ranging from sweeping minimalistic soundscapes and powerloaded percussion-driven floorburners to heavily distorted harsh power noise attacks presented as a unified front. the industrial anthem ‘Gelöbnis’ is a truly fine example for the combination of crystal clear mastering and the selective, inspired implementation of samples which was always an important factor for p.a.l and became a trademark of his works.

ant-zen and aufnahme + wiedergabe are proud to present the extraordinary reissue of this long-deleted legendary release on coloured heavy double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. a timeless opus for being re-discovered by adepts and recovered by novices.

recorded 1993-95 at Upper Meadow Field, Munich. Some overdubs were done at His Master’s Studio, L.A.
mastered & co-produced in L.A. by rudy r. 1995.
cut by Christoph Grote-Beverborg at Dubplates & Mastering


Weight 600 g




DB12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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