Orphan Swords – The Rise Of Liquid Alternatives – Cassette – NUR001


  1. a_side_orphan_swords_-_glasya-labolas-pt1 1:00
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  3. a_side_orphan_swords_-_glasya-labolas-pt3 1:00
  4. a_side_orphan_swords_-_glasya-labolas-pt4 1:00
  5. b_side_orphan_swords_-_forneus-pt1 1:01
  6. b_side_orphan_swords_-_forneus-pt2 1:00
  7. b_side_orphan_swords_-_forneus-pt3 1:00

Rugged, machine-driven abstractions and warped melodics comprise the latest release from Brussels-based duo, Orphan Swords. ‘The Rise of Liquid Alternatives’ also makes up the debut release on NURSE, drawing influence from contemporary electronics and ’80s industrial experimentalism in equal measure. ‘Glaysa Labolas’ plunges into a world of grating metallic drones and percussive assaults, while ‘Forneus’ clatters against itself, plastic pipe motifs working to hypnotic charm above a soundscape of heaving distortion. A surreal and adventurous listen..

Weight 300 g


Experimental Electronics



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