Operant – Harnessed To Flesh – IOD027 – 12″


  1. Also To The Inorganic World OPERANT 1:30
  2. Be A Boy OPERANT 1:30
  3. Chancellory OPERANT 1:30
  4. The Sacrifice Of Meaning For Power OPERANT 1:30
  5. Dead Realities VIII OPERANT 1:30

Limited Edition 12″ on Translucent-Bone vinyl

‘Harnessed To Flesh’ is the new release from Berlin based industrial project OPERANT (Instruments of Discipline’s founder and sub, respectively, Luna Vassarotti & August Skipper). Since 2016’s ‘ZK-II’ & 2017’s ‘Zero Knowledge’ Operant have been consistently touring, enforcing their reputation as a live act, melding chaotic noise with a disturbed, euphoric techno.

With this new release Operant engage a sense of intimacy which encapsulates their live performance; there is the familiar sense of hypnotic rhythms and collaged sound seen in the earlier works but the duo’s production and focus have evolved, opening up new spaces and textures to their sound.

The opening track, ‘Also To The Inorganic World’ reflects the more noise oriented moments of their live show, improvised fragments, contact mic’s and metal sheets combine with soundtrack like synths that seek to bolster a sense of unreality and pervert lo-fi expectations, ‘Be A Boy’ is a slow build, punctuated by car-crash impacts with the most coherent, almost narrative driven vocal of the record, concluding with a jarring, rhythmic seizure. Side-A finishes with ‘Chancellory’, an underlying sense of being underwater pervades, choking vocal sounds straddle the line between disturbing and playful. The B-Side sees a more direct and aggressive approach, ‘The Sacrifice of Meaning for Power’ is a dance floor oriented storm of percussion and punishing snares, Luna’s vocals violently penetrate at moments, creating a feeling of vertigo within the locked rhythm, ‘Dead Realities VIII’ closes the record, beginning with a gabber influenced, rhythmic groundwork that unravels into a dronescape where an already torn reality is utterly destroyed.

All songs written and produced by OPERANT
Additional mixing and production by BLUSH RESPONSE
Mastered by Eric Van Wonterghem at PRODAM, Berlin

Weight 300 g


Experimental, Industrial


12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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