Lost Few – Between The Silence – SLLP01 – DB12″


  1. A1_-_Lost_Few_-_Blessed_Are_The_Tears_We_Forget_To_Shed_ 1:47
  2. A2_-_Indecision_ 1:45
  3. B1_-_Bound_Many_Eyes_ 1:45
  4. B2_-_Expectations_Are_The_Devil_ 1:45
  5. B3_-_Many_An_Idle_Stone_ 1:45
  6. C1_-_Meek_ 1:45
  7. C2_-_Lost_Few_-_Quietly_We_Wish_For_Silence 1:45
  8. D1_-_Lost_Few_-_Tears_Adorn_Him 1:45
  9. D2_-_Lost_Few_-_TMMFHTWNBIV 1:45

Lost Few is the audio-visual project of David Thomson, an experimental artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

Fusing his relationship with the physical form, which includes found sounds from the Buchan Caves in Victoria and the Tasmanian wilderness, his debut artist album showcases ambient techno, disturbed electronics, processed instrumentation and sub-bass experiments, leading the listener to a journey that traverses a world that possesses a sharp, dissonant edge.

All Original tracks by David Thomson Guest Vocals by Jenny Thomson

Mastering by Manmade Mastering

Original Photos & Artwork by Acid Hazel

Weight 600 g

DB12″ Vinyl


Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental Electronics, Techno


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