Litüus – 2236 s Wentworth ave – AVN031 – LP –


  1. A_001_1050_ 1:00
  2. A_002_1075_ 1:00
  3. A_003_1095_ 1:00
  4. A_004_1048_ 1:00
  5. B_001_1024_ 1:00
  6. B_002_1066_ 1:00
  7. B_003_002_ 1:00

Litüus returns to Avian.

Sparse and reflective, the Chicago native’s work occupies a curious space on the periphery of the Techno genre. By stripping back the music to all but its most vital elements – most notably the Sequence, but at the same time maintaining a sense of urgency in its articulation, Litüus crafts exquisite, ghostly shadows of busier, more fleshed out material. Neither intro nor outro, but rather suspended in some middling point of formation – what remains is a remarkably pure examination of minimalist, experimental synthesis.

The enigmatic producer first appeared on the label with19805.-19905 – a collection of reduced hardware sequences released on cassette and 12” in 2015 and 2236 s Wentworth ave continues in much the same vein, though perhaps exploring a marginally more traditionally ‘musical’ sentiment. Nods to 1970’s sound designer Irv Teibel’s Environments series sit alongside more overtly contemporary structures, and the mood shifts gently across the recordings – from a low slung, pulsing anxiety to a gentler serenity via heavily ring modulated bells and spring reverbs; softly warping percussion and careful bandpass filtering.

Litüus creates music that is geared neither towards home listening nor the dance floor, but that exists somewhere in between – quite where exactly remains part of the the artist’s undeniable allure.

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Cinematic, Experimental Electronics



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