Lend Me Your Underbelly – Campfire – Vrystaete10 – LP



This record by Lend Me Your Underbelly has been imagined for a long time…  but some things need time to be realised… The Dutch one-man band was previously active in the black metal scene and is since 2011 exploring a mesmerising and surreal side of music, fueled by improvisation, nature and spirituality.

The result is lo-fi ambient-psychedelic-drone music with folklore touches… or something like that… imagine The Music Of Erich Zann maybe… For these recordings a bulbul tarang… a string instrument also known as Indian Banjo was used… and next to this Lend Me Your Underbelly is dreaming away on an acoustic guitar, a mandolin and with subtle electronics… simply to create some wonderful surrealistic dreamscapes…

Weight 300 g

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