Lars Huissmann – No Merci EP. – SR03 – 12″


  1. Lars Huismann - Shelter 1:00
  2. Lars Huismann - Drag you inside a Hole ) 1:00
  3. Lars Huismann - No Merci 1:00
  4. Lars Huismann - Artefakt 1:00

RELEASE DATE: 15.05.2017

Lars Huismann Artefact, a smooth groover that has all the markings of a great producer. It’s a smooth groove machine, percussive and acidic in equal measure.
Lars Huismann Drag You Inside A Hole, is percussive again, with his hall mark signature groove, it’s infectious as it is long, a great booming techno number.
Lars Huismann No Merci , a peak time affair, booming and dark, think Aliens, it’s the title for a reason, it stomps and delivers.
Lars Huismann Shelter, a breaks outing, subtle and melodic. A perfect finishing or opening track to a set, and one of our favourites on this release. It’s as magic as it is prophetic, simplistic beauty at it’s best.

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 3004 × 30,04 × 0,4 cm




12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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