L’Ambassadeur Des Ombres – Strike Me If I Shriek – AWLP048


  1. Jingle L’Ambassadeur Des Ombres 1:00
  2. Terrible Beauty Is Born L’Ambassadeur Des Ombres 1:00
  3. L. Street L’Ambassadeur Des Ombres 2:00
  4. Crime Scene L’Ambassadeur Des Ombres 1:00
  5. It's Over (Lover) L’Ambassadeur Des Ombres 2:00
  6. Spooky Klaus L’Ambassadeur Des Ombres 1:30
  7. Man Has Created Death L’Ambassadeur Des Ombres 1:30
  8. When You Are Old And Grey L’Ambassadeur Des Ombres 1:00
  9. Fly Robin Fly L’Ambassadeur Des Ombres 1:00
  10. Bath In Champagne Happy Straps 2:00

tapetopia 015

The name L’Ambassadeur des Ombres goes back to the French science fiction comic “Valérian et Laureline”. The Ambassadors of the Shadows combined pop appeal and experimentation as the soundtrack to the zero hour of their generation in the GDR’s waning days. The music was made in a children’s room, but the edifice of ideas was a demolition site.

L’Ambassadeur des Ombres existed as a hybrid of the wave bands Die Vision and Neuntage. The open ensemble’s family tree can however be traced back to buried DIY projects such as the Mahlsdorfer Wohnstuben Orchester, Zerstörte Umwelt and dark-wave protagonists Fellini Prostitutes or Nontoxic.

In the short time of their existence in 1988/89, L’Ambassadeur des Ombres did not give a single concert. The tape “Strike Me If I Shriek” was circulated among friends and musicians only as an on-request work report – it’s a long overdue discovery.

The tapetopia series, using the original layouts and track lists, publishes cassette editions from the GDR underground of the 1980s, especially from the “walled-in” scene in East Berlin. More than three decades after their initial “release”, most of these tapes have yet to be heard on either vinyl or CD, even though they made an audible mark in the canon of GDR subculture. Despite the tiny original editions of the time, many of the bands were considered cult in countercultural circles, which made them highly suspect in informed circles.

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Cold Wave, East Berlin, Experimental, Industrial, Minimal Synth, Post Punk, Power Electronics, GDR


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