FOQL – Szkarady – GOOILAND042 – 12″


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  1. FOQLII_A1 1:01
  2. FOQLII_A2 1:00
  3. FOQLII_B2 1:01
  4. FOQLII_B1 0:59

FOQL is back… her first EP on Gooiland, entitled “Hypatia”, is from a few years ago… and this new one is a totally different record… the abstract IDM influenced rhythms are still there but while the first one was rather industrial and even ritualistic in sound and mood this new EP called “Szkarady” has a cleaner sound… not clubby but there is more space in between the music…

Still the tracks are intense… they all have a psychedelic / trippy quality due to the structure… tension is building up when the tracks are evolving… some of these tracks will work well for the dance floor but not for an average middle of the road techno audience… this EP is for heads… and that said… it works both for your body and mind… it is a head trip for sure…

Weight 300 g

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