4Cantons – Principi d’incertesa – GOOILAND043 – 12″


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  1. 4Cantons_A1 1:01
  2. 4Cantons_A2 1:01
  3. 4Cantons_B1 1:02
  4. 4Cantons_B2 1:00

“Principi d’incertesa“ is the debut by 4Cantons, a Berlin based musician from Barcelona. This EP is basically filled with dark elektro tracks… but it is not strictly elektro you get served here… these tracks are spiced up with touches of techno, EBM and acid… making them punchy and perfect for some body work on the dance floor… this without getting aggressive or anything as all tracks maintain some sort of relaxed hypnotic vibe…

You could look at this EP as a contemporary and more club minded take on early 2000’s elektro… recommended to (dark) elektro lovers but these sounds will also for sure appeal to fans of techno, EBM and acid alike… Keep an eye/ear out on this artist as this first effort is very promising…

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