FO32 – Extra Hart Arbeitendes Rastermaterial Für Kontakt – AWLP044


  1. Metalloid FO 32 2:00
  2. Fragment FO 32 0:45
  3. Lila Pflasterstein FO 32 2:00
  4. Kleine Nachtmusik FO 32 0:39
  5. Feldi FO 32 2:00
  6. Was sich den ganzen Tag so tut FO 32 2:00
  7. Gib mir eine Gewissheit zurück FO 32 2:00
  8. Kräne quietschen nicht vergnügt FO 32 1:30
  9. Zellentraum FO 32 2:00

tapetopia 010

FO 32 extra hart arbeitendes rastermaterial für kontakt did not emerge from the usual underground milieu – their setting was the base of the 4th Flotilla of the GDR People’s Navy!
The propaganda unit PrK 18 had among its recruits some who turned the logistics for agitation against the intentions of the system. Inside a barracks, but under the state radar, the paramilitary music corps FO 32 boarded an NVA studio and recorded industrial tracks and dark ambient. The experimental military band gave an illegal concert; they had previously been heard on the radio programme “Parocktikum”, a pirate gig from the ranks of the People’s Navy on GDR radio.

In 1989, a first FO-32 tape was shared among just a few friends. Shortly after, an abridged mix of material was released on the illegal Trash Tape label in an edition of no more than one hundred copies. The vinyl version on tapetopia is based on the original tape.

The tapetopia series, using the original layouts and track lists, publishes cassette editions from the GDR underground of the 1980s, especially from the “walled-in” scene in East Berlin. More than three decades after their initial “release”, these tapes have yet to be heard on either vinyl or CD, even though they made an audible mark in the canon of GDR subculture. Despite the tiny original editions of the time, many of the bands were considered cult in countercultural circles, which made them highly suspect in informed circles.

Weight 300 g



Cold Wave, East Berlin, Experimental, Minimal Synth, Post Punk, Power Electronics


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