Exhausted Modern “Moral Discourse” – VEYL008 – 12″


  1. Outer Self Exhausted Modern 1:00
  2. Ancestral Influence Exhausted Modern 1:00
  3. Hidden Deviation Exhausted Modern 1:00
  4. Transgression Exhausted Modern 1:00
  5. Lajya, Sukha, Raga Exhausted Modern 1:00

EP, Full Art Tracklist: A1 – Outer Self A2 – Ancestral Influence A3 – Hidden Deviation B1 – Transgression B2 – Lajya, Sukha, Raga After a brief appearance on the first edition of ‚Previously Undisclosed Rituals‘, Exhausted Modern is back on the label with ‘Moral Discourse’. 5 tracks of twisted, heavyweight, slow-motion electro filled to the brim with the producers’ trademark riffs.


Weight 300 g


Electro, Techno


12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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