Domenico Crisci – Orgasma – SCL009 – LP


  1. 1. Domenico Crisci - Orgasma 1:30
  2. 2. Domenico Crisci - This Isn't Love 1:30
  3. 3. Domenico Crisci - Te Deseo 1:30
  4. 4. Domenico Crisci - Forever Lost Together 1:30
  5. 5. Domenico Crisci - Je Te Sens Fort 1:30
  6. 6. Domenico Crisci - Alternativa 1:30
  7. 7. Domenico Crisci - This Is Hard 1:30
  8. 8. Domenico Crisci - Acide 1:30
  9. 9. Domenico Crisci - Fantasia 1:30
  10. 10. Domenico Crisci - Pelle 1:30

Release Date: 27.09.2021 – The last 4 tracks are only available as digital downloads from the label.

“I’m back; straight back to my squared room
too small since forever: premature truth
This is not love at all, I can’t breathe
This captivity: it was before, it is now; it never ends!
It yells at me: what are you now? what!
hurts me, accuses me; I don’t care, I’m ready, sharp!
a vitreous, yellow eye
consciousness becomes dream and nightmare, it’s a snap
I despair, I inhale
a revolution, eternal cycle, orbit, serpent
the abdomen, ice; the common sense, deserted
I sweat out of these walls – you will never get me!
I vibrate, tremble, deseo
the barricade unfold rough, cold, dirty
rectangles, vertigo in quarters
I lose myself with them, I lose myself with you
that’s heavy, firm, advancing
holding us together
the acid points at the throat, bumping
I hold it back; it holds me back
pains, purities, fantasies
eyelids tighten, suicidal lovers: the fall…
and this culminating thrill owns our own selves”

‘Orgasma’ is out.

Domenico Crisci appeared via Jealous God, Opal Tapes, L.I.E.S. and his Summa Cum Laude, rising to prominence among purveyors of timeless techno. Jealous God cemented his reputation as a careful engineer of effective, hard, crafty dance floor cuts that comfortably sit next to early works of the genre’s pioneers. Domenico’s sets consist of an eclectic mix of acid, techno and electro with a non-conforming puristic approach.

Weight 300 g


ACID, Hard, Techno


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