Dissemblance – Over The Sand LP – MNQ136 – LP


  1. A1 Transfuge Dissemblance 1:30
  2. A2 Capture Dissemblance 1:30
  3. A3 L'aigle Mort Dissemblance 1:30
  4. A4 Over The Sand Dissemblance 1:30
  5. A5 Rescue Dissemblance 1:30
  6. B1 Torse Nu Dissemblance 1:30
  7. B2 Emutiex Dissemblance 1:30
  8. B3 Torrens De Metal Dissemblance 1:30
  9. B4 Drag Me Out Dissemblance 1:30
  10. B5 A Ride Dissemblance 1:30
Available 29th of Novmeber:
Exploring the balances between pop song writing structures, 80s cold wave bedroom style electronic production, and dreary gloom rock, Paris based Dissemblance presents her debut lp “Over the Sand” for Mannequin Records.
Over the ten tracks Dissemblance treads the fringes of a blurred dream world, using her bass guitar, voice, and drum machine as the backbone to create haunting yet soothing pop atmospheres in her songs.The opener “Transfuge” maintains a focus on the bass guitar, while a sparse rhythm box and monotone vocal fuel unbreakable tension. “Rescue” continues centered around the bass playing, this time with more almost upbeat surf rock pop sensibility driving the track. The closer “A Ride” takes shape with Boss DR-55 clicks, solem, floating vocals and a subtle bassline reminding us of some of Lifetones finer moments.
A welcome new addition to the Mannequin catalog, “Over the Sand” will appeal to fans of gloom tinged electronic pop and even to optimistic goths around the globe.

All songs written and produced by Mathilde Mallen in Paris, France.

Mixed by Silent Servant in Los Angeles, California, 2019.

Weight 600 g


Cold Wave



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