Conan O’Donnell – Underground Psychosis EP – XPKZ003 – 12″




  1. XPKZ003_A1_Intro_ 1:00
  2. XPKZ003_A2_Underground Psychosis_ 1:00
  3. XPKZ003_A3_Rising Gods_ 1:00
  4. XPKZ003_B1_Badass_ 1:00
  5. XPKZ003_B2_rePrising_ 1:02
  6. XPKZ003_B3_No Destiny_ 1:00

Available from the 2nd of May.

It is easy to hate, judge, complain and to look at others and say I could do that, but you have to rise above that and get out there and do it. The third release on Xerophkz Records come from label boss Conan O’Donnell. Uncompromising techno, electro, and ambient interludes. The journey continues. 

Track listing:

A1: Intro (2:18)

A2: Underground Psychosis (5:37)

A3: Rising Gods (5:58)

B1: Badass (6:21)

B2: repRising (1:01)

B3: No Destiny (6:22)

Weight 300 g


ACID, Techno


12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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