Celldöd – KESS03 – 12″ – KESS003


  1. Falska Gudar (Vocal Mix) Celldöd 1:00
  2. Falska Gudar (Dub Mix) Celldöd 1:00
  3. Väntar På Dig Celldöd 1:00

Celldöd, aka Anders Karlsson, has been releasing dirty electronic music since the late ’80s, both small-run cassette tapes inspired by the DIY ethos of his post-punk background, and pristine vinyl editions. Karlsson’s music is uncompromising and edgy, with roots in both early electronic and ’70s industrial music from Britain, as well as US techno and Kraut-inspired German electronics. Prior to releasing records under the name Celldöd, he released music as The Pain Machinery (EBM), Human Experiment (Industrial), Preset (Industrial/Breakcore), and HBT (Proto-techno/Industrial) among others — all unified by an omnipresent DIY-punk attitude.

Selected Discography:
2015 – Celldöd – Mekaniskt Gränsland LP (Suction Records)
2015 – Celldöd – Pulsdisco EP (Suction Records) 2015
2012 – The Pain Machinery – Restart LP (Complete Control Productions) 
2003 – Severe Illusion – Discipline Is Reward Enough LP (PAF Records)


Weight 300 g
Dimensions 30,50 × 30,50 × 0,4 cm


EBM, Post Punk


12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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