Basic House – I’m Not A Heaven Man – DBLP – SORES003


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This is a vinyl reissue of the first release of Stephen Bishop’s Basic House moniker, originally release as a tape in 2012. Through his music, and his label Opal Tapes, Bishop has been one of the most significant definers of leftfield dance music over the past years. His background in DIY punk and noise is easily identified in his approach to both sound production, general aesthetics, and overall attitude.
“I’m Not a Heaven Man” is characterized by a poetic and tape hissed melancholy, sensibly combined with a lo-fi experimental character rendering it a deeply personal take on contemporary electronic music. Slow pulsations of sequenced drones combined with noise with strong emphasis on atmosphere make “I’m Not A Heaven Man” an exquisitve piece of ambient sound design.
Limited to 300 copies.

This is Sores release number 3.

A1. I’m Not A Heaven Man
A2. Mothers Skull
B1. Teenage Dog
B2. Oort Cup
B3. Soft Cores
C1. Perishing
C2. Better Alone (Or In A Small Group)
D1. Green Dome (Bottomless)
D2. Larque No. 3

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 30,50 × 30,50 × 0,4 cm


Ambient, Experimental, Industrial


DB12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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