Asymptote – Too Blind To See – SAV010 – 12″


  1. SAV010_A1_Asymptote_Pistis_ 1:30
  2. SAV010_B1_Asymptote_Don't believe the Hype_ 1:30
  3. SAV010_A3_Asymptote_Doxa_ 1:30
  4. SAV010_B2_Asymptote_Too Blind to See_ 1:30
  5. SAV010_A2_Asymptote_NoTruth_ 1:30
  6. SAV010_B3_Outro_ 1:30

Available 23.07.2018


Another amazing release is delivered by the guys behind Suburban Avenue: Asymptote.

90′ inspired, ” Too Blind To See” is the perfect fusion between elements of the old school, and new sonorities.

On the A side,

A1 “Pistis” is a dark-gothic-ambient intro;
A2 ìDonít Believe the Hypeî is an effective, acidic, 1990’s school Dj Techno tool.
A3 “Doxa” is a driving and pulsating trip, with increasing tension.

On the B side,

both B1 ìToo blind To Seeî and B2 ìNo Truthî are two fine dark and big room Techno tracks, ready for the dancefloor.

B3 “Sirens Song” is a glitched and spaced out outro.

Weight 300 g




12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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