GRÜN ‎– “Supervegetale” – Cassette – DE004 | AA 4/4


  1. Plant GRUN 1:15
  2. Deep Green GRUN 1:13
  3. Growth GRUN 2:00
  4. Fioritura GRUN 1:18
  5. Fioritura GRUN 1:18
  6. Fotosintesi GRUN 0:49
  7. Fotosintesi GRUN 0:49
  8. Fotosintesi GRUN 0:49
  9. Danza Linfatica GRUN 1:23
  10. Dropping GRUN 2:00

Double A-side, 100 copies.

Dedicated to the hermetic element Earth with its relative symbolic number Four, Supervegetale embodies the opening of Dromoscope’s Antidigital Series. The short debut album is a direct dive in GRÜN’s specific conception of organic sound, a fast sequence of improvised sketches chronologically following the early experiments that gave life to the first GRÜN Machine and to the project itself during March 2012.
Merging strong electrical impulses with field recordings of tactile noises and acoustic piano parts, Supervegetale takes shape as a suite of furious phase-shifting rhythmic rides, chaotic sound environments slightly revealing a natural unstable musicality like momentary regular geometries emerging through the freeform of the living matter.

Without any will to take part at the usual diatribe that counterposes Analog to Digital, the Series name is rather inspired by a specific direction in the musical research of the works involved. Curated, produced and handmade by Daniele De Santis as a systematic start for Dromoscope Editions, the Antidigital Series (AA) takes shape as a sequence of musical portraits depicting the activity of four musicians spontaneously engaged in a keen re-discover of the Analog sphere. Driven by this awakening to the natural science ruling the purest substance of sound, the Series symbolically crystallizes its main structure in the cycle of the four alchemic Elements. Gradually unveiling a four-ways path into a possible modern instrumental dialogue between complex software elaborations and recycled musical technologies, the project explores the cassette media itself as instrument and symbol of the ‘Antidigital’ process.

AA1 Plant
AA2 Deep Green
AA3 Growth
AA4 Fioritura
AA5 Danza Linfatica
AA6 Fotosintesi
AA7 Combustione
AA8 Dropping
AA9 Danza Linfatica
AA10 Dropping

Weight 300 g


Experimental Electronics



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