Various Artists VOL. 5 – MOFF012 – MOFF012 – 12″


  1. A1. Hoedus - Tool 420 - MOFF012 2:00
  2. A2. Abstract Man - Submissive - MOFF012 2:00
  3. B1. Xhato - Orange Family - MOFF012 2:00
  4. B2. Mary Yuzovskaya - Elusive - MOFF012 2:00

Available October 31, 2022

“Mary Yuzovskaya’s vinyl-only, Berlin-via-Brooklyn Monday Off label dives back into the depths for its second release of 2022; continuing to explore techno’s shadowy hinterland where subtle dynamics unfurl in intensely cerebral and psychedelic ways. On this newest compilation, Mary debuts a trio of new talents on the roster; chugging drones from Hoedus open the EP, ramping up with some frenetic and heady bangers from Abstract Man and Xhato, and culminating in her own latest production.”

Distribution Ready Made Distribution
Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl




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