Various Artists – Topaz-23 – LKVBHR-8 – 12″


  1. A1. Vcoder - Vacuum Tube 1:30
  2. A2. Codeform - Cathode Ray Tube 2:02
  3. B1. Waterblip - Frequency Resistor 2:02
  4. B2. D-Former - Electrolytic Capacitor 2:00

Coming end July 2024

Once upon a time on planet [-M-E-L-M-A-K-] two teenagers visiting their grand parents at their village compound were blissfully sleeping late in the morning when a LOUD BANG!!! made them jump off their beds.

The bewilderment quickly grew into confusion of how was this possible and then into respect. It appeared to be a soviet era polish made vacuum tube TV set thrown out the window of the 2nd floor of the house. Grandfather was doing the spring cleaning of the house, obviously, the Balkan way – almost meeting the criteria to qualify for Valhalla!

The old cathode ray tube usually being under pressure as a technology were famous to make a loud violent and deeply sounding burst when broken that it reminded us a heavy drum machine and the almost perfect and most brutal and deep and powerful bass drum we have ever heard.

So, us… being techno freaks by that time and fascinated by the idea of techno music inspired and recreating the heavy industry and machinery in an auricular way – we took a field recorder, found another old TV set of the make and…. threw it out the window… while recording all the sounds coming out of the impact 🙂

Later dissected and re-looped and re-worked through sampling here’s a record that’s been years overdue in the making.

Mastered by Marco Pellegrino @ Analogcut Mastering, Berlin, DE, Earth

Design & artwork by Aleksandra Grunholz

Distribution: Ready Made Distribution
Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl


Electronic, Minimal, Techno


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