Various Artists – Life Death Resurrection Revenge – LIMBIC005 – DB12″


  1. A1 Terence Fixmer - Threetwoone 2:02
  2. A2 Kujo - Cardioid Resonance 2:02
  3. A3 Nocturnal Emissions - Settimio 5m12s 2:02
  4. A4 Vatican Shadow - Predawn Coup D'Etat 2:02
  5. B1 Alessandro Adriani - Snakeskin 2:02
  6. B2 Phase Fatale - Fabricated Fog B 2:02
  7. B3 Ancient Methods - Thus Spoke the Leviathan 2:02
  8. C1 Key Clef - Dreaming Sun 2:02
  9. C2 3.14 - Taltos Remembers 2:02
  10. C3 Ezuri RSOT - Blasphemous Bath 2:02
  11. D1 Junk DNA - Capacitance 2:02
  12. D2 CPR - Fire Gathering 2:02
  13. D3 zoviet_france - Floresiense 2:02
Summer’s here with Limbic Resonance ‘s first vinyl release giving a strong impression of our exploration into the darker sides of electronic music & ambient soundfields.

Spread over 13 tracks by pioneering artists, established current acts, upcoming new faces and under the radar mavericks, LDRR is a sound canvas representing LR ongoing interest in unpredictable & undertow sounds & atmospheres.

Compiled by Alexandra Ismalone

Limbic Resonance is a platform set up by Jeroen Lauwers (Red Stars Over Tokyo, Hot Hair Records, Testtoon), Alexandra Ismalone (Alekzandra/CPR) & Tobias Lisius (Liziuz, CPR) bringing together their solo and cooperative output.

LR conjures a sound that paradoxically traverses dark & light, a wave of dark ambient music punctured by rays of light sculpted w/ lush loops, heartbeat pulses & psychedelic electronics. Their vision is abstract primitivism and modern romanticism bypassing the artificial modern day present, a soothing meditative space w/ indefinable mysterious undertones.

Creating a “beyond logic” world & vision that melts smothered spectral ghostlike dreampop soundfields with unbound dark occult ceremony exercises. A cross pollination of two universes where space and time confront themselves and will be burned down within the ritualistic circle, the remaining void filled with warmth and sparkles, detached from their original source, a rebirth of natural primitivism.


Weight 600 g

DB12″ Vinyl


Ambient, EBM, Industrial, Techno


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