V.A. – Vortex Chronologies Evo.2 – KR3006 – DB12″


  1. Campbell Irvine - A Wedding March 1:30
  2. Claudio PRC - Vektor 1:30
  3. Oscar Mulero - Covered in Sand 1:30
  4. Inland - Consensual Telepathy 1:30
  5. Terence Fixmer - Blizzard 1:30
  6. JK Flesh - One Mans Poison 1:30
  7. Velvet May - Things You'll Never Know 1:30
  8. Alessandro Adriani - Ghosts are Sidereal 1:30
Available 14th December.
For our second anniversary, KR3 is excited to present the second installment of our Various Artists series with contributions from 8 artists. 
Vortex Chronologies Evo.2 – will be available both 2×12” Double Transparent Vinyl and Digital.
The concept embodied in the label’s logo once again comes to life in this compilation;
Each artist involved was asked to represent their Sonic Idea of a Vortex, resulting in a selection of tracks different in sound but connected by the same concept.
Like different paths of the same labyrinth, all converging in a common end.
Weight 600 g

DB12″ Vinyl




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