STUTE – Petra – OHNELP001 – 2×12” vinyl, Gatefold


  1. OHNELP001_01_STUTE_Virt STUTE 1:30
  2. OHNELP001_02_STUTE_Tomorrows STUTE 2:00
  3. OHNELP001_03_STUTE_Unrest STUTE 2:00
  4. OHNELP001_04_STUTE_Strom STUTE 2:00
  5. OHNELP001_05_STUTE_Como STUTE 2:00
  6. OHNELP001_06_STUTE_Uncertainties STUTE 2:00
  7. OHNELP001_07_STUTE_Marlin STUTE 2:00
  8. OHNELP001_08_STUTE_Explorations STUTE 2:00
  9. OHNELP001_09_STUTE_Skynet STUTE 2:00
  10. OHNELP001_10_STUTE_Ease STUTE 2:00
  11. OHNELP001_11_STUTE_Leaves STUTE 2:00
  12. OHNELP001_12_STUTE_Petra STUTE 2:00


Available 24.11.2023

individually coloured records + download-codes / Digital

The first album on ohne kommerziellen Wert comes from label co-founder Stute. After several appearances with hard-hitting club material on the OHNE EP series, Stute’s debute LP “Petra” demonstrates a beyond-genre approach that shows a different and more introverted side of the Hamburg-based producer. Far from being a collection of stand-alone gems that have accumulated over the years, the 12 stages of “Petra” sound like they were formed in a single cast. It is a personal and intimate journey through a unique man-machine mindset that has been manifested in music and sound.

Stute isn’t new to the game, but he has been producing under the radar for far too long. He started DJing and producing more than 20 years ago and found himself progressively drawn to different genres like Hip Hop, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass and Techno. And all of those experiences culminate in “Petra”, where Stute maneuvers his production skills through a wide range of styles and tempi somewhere between leftfield and rave. Urgent techno coldness, promising downtempo dystopia, restless acid dreams, floating breakbeat pleasure or hopeful leftfield romance – every track represents a different phase of a long-time companionship with music and making music, resulting in “Petra” being filled with conflict and drama as well as bliss and belonging.

Like all of Stute’s releases, his first LP is shaped by a very high level of production paired with a rare sensitivity for harmonies and arrangements. Every sound is made from scratch with analogue equipment – heavy dragging beats surrounded by glistening synths and bleeps built on a pure love for music and hardware. “Petra” sounds unlikely complete: nothing is missing, nothing is overdone. Nevertheless… or maybe because of that, the 12 arrangements offer you enough space to conjure up images of distant worlds or let you turn inwards to dive deep into your inner self.

All tracks written, produced and mixed by Timo Buczka

Mastered by Alhek Mastering

Artwork by Volker der Goldene Reiter

Layout by Lukas Michalski | Buchstabenakrobatik

(c) 2023 ohne kommerziellen Wert

Distribution:: Ready Made Distribution

Weight 600 g

DB12″ Vinyl


Ambient, Atmospheric, BreakBeats, DRUM & BASS, Leftfield, Techno


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