SCIAHRI – Double Edge – SBUL008 – DB12″


  1. Sciahri_A1_ Breathless 0:30
  2. Sciahri_A2_.Bridge Of Sighswav 1:30
  3. Sciahri_A3_Unconscious Unconscious 1:30
  4. Sciahri_B1_Drow Me 1:30
  5. Sciahri_B2_Perpetual Motion 1:30
  6. Sciahri_C1_Hidden Desire 1:30
  7. Sciahri_C2_Blurred Lines_ 1:30
  8. Sciahri_D1_A Far Vision 1:30
  9. Sciahri_D2_Body Erosion 1:30
  10. Sciahri_D3_Outline DImension 1:30
  Available : 15.07.2019

Italo-Iranian producer Sciahriar Tavakoli, commonly known as Sciahri, after releasing on renowned label as Ilian Tape, Mord, Opal Tapes/Black Opal and MANHIGH finally presents his first long playing record “Double-Edged”, and he does it on his own imprint, Sublunar Records.

The LP is an extended, carefully compiled exploration of the many facets of his signature sound, where emotional melodies collide with dense and rasping basslines.

The artist aims to express emotions with unsettling simplicity, showcasing techno compositions that are both thoughtful and primal.

Within the space of ten tracks, Sciahri’s sound design reveals his structure, pushing the listener through a labyrinth of textures and rhythms.

Weight 600 g




DB12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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