1. 1_FREP002_Rhys Fulber - Rogue Minority (Years Of Denial remix) 2:02
  2. 2_FREP002_Rhys Fulber - CSI (SARIN remix) 2:02
  3. 3_FREP002_Rhys Fulber - Night Render (Evitceles Remix) 2:02
  4. 4_FREP002_Rhys Fulber _ Sara Taylor - Stare at the Sun (Orphx remix) 2:02
  5. 5_FREP002_Rhys Fulber - Pyrrhic Act (Qual remix) 2:02
  6. 6_FREP002_Rhys Fulber - Fragility (Vanity Productions remix) 2:02

Brutal Nature Redux is a continuation of Rhys Fulber’s “Brutal Nature” album and art concept, featuring remixes by carefully curated artists.

Years of Denial’s take on “Rogue Minority” injects some emotion and humanity into the stark and aggressive original while preserving the driving bass riff and lifting it into the sound of a futuristic tribal gathering.

Berlin’s Sarin is up next, leaning into the future EBM style he also shares with Fulber but amping up the intensity and apocalyptic dance floor elements of Central State Institute.

Night Render is given a darker and more sinister sheen by up-and-coming Bulgarian producer, Evitceles. The nature elements of the original are replaced by a cinematic dystopia, akin to salvaging lost technology in a ruined city.

Orphx add their rhythmic sophistication to “Stare at the Sun, tripping and refining the original down to its base elements while tuning Sara Taylor’s (Youth Code) screams across what appears to be several channels of short wave radio.

Qual’s radical re-interpretation of “Pyrrhic Act” brings elements of Fulber’s past history in EBM right to the fore, creating a groove that’s both retro and very modern, slowing it down so the tension hangs heavier in the air.

Lastly but certainly not least, Vanity Productions highlights the “nature” of “Fragility”, accentuating it with delicate clouds hanging in an air of contemplation; darkness and light coexisting in thick emotional textures. A fine way to close out this collection of cohesive individualism.

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl, EP


EBM, Electronic, Industrial, Techno


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