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Shipping 08.03.2021

| REGIS – Let The Night Return |

A film by Vasileios Trigkas

‘Let The Night Return’ is a unique one-off performance by Karl ‘Regis’ O’ Connor, which took place on the
sixth of June 2019 at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus in Peloponnese – Greece. A remarkable UNESCO
world heritage site devoted to Asclepius – Greek god of medicine.
The 2,360-year-old, 14.000 capacity open-air Auditorium, which is still standing in its original form and
shape, as the oldest and last remaining blueprint of architectural acoustics, naturally became the ideal
setting for the act.
The intention was to capture the night’s phenomenal sound quality – something that could only be achieved
through the use of several sound recording devices on set, bringing the same immersive live sound
experience, straight to the listener’s speakers.
In the piece, ancient hymns are blended with musique concrète, pythagorean guitar riffs, a 200 B.C.
composition and an organ/piano amidst other unpredictable elements; while Regis is shifting between the
new and the old – channeling an eternity of musical evolution, back to the place where it all started.
Featuring piano by Ann Margaret Hogan, soundscapes by Vasileios Trigkas and additional guitar by
Justin K Broadrick.
Available on a limited High Definition Blu Ray Disc and Hardcover Book. Shot on 4K.
Tech Spec:
The Blu-Ray Disc is region B/Free and it will play on any HD Blu-Ray player or Xbox, though it will not play on PS4/Pro due to SD Blu-Ray playback.
Weight 600 g




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