Raiju Manah – Iron Age – TRIAMB011 – 12″


  1. A1 - Raiju Manah - Iron Age (Saumeth Intro) 1:25
  2. A2 - Raiju Manah - Iron Age (Original Mix) 1:46
  3. A3 - Raiju Manah - Iron Age (Esther Duijn Remix) 1:46
  4. B1 - Raiju Manah - The Noise (Original Mix) 1:46
  5. B2 - Raiju Manah - The Noize (MSKD Remix) 1:46
  6. B3 - Raiju Manah - The Noize (Saumeth Outro) 1:09

It was early 2007 when under another moniker, Raiju Manah signed his first releases on vinyl to labels including Synewave, Harthouse and Concrete, remixing some names the like of Steve Stoll. After more than a decade, Raiju decided to start a new musical adventure, following his inner-side to create a non typical sound, always personal and out of the usual patterns.

With releases on Steve Parker’s Muted records, as well as on Anaøh, Concrete, Lett and Subsist Records, Raiju Manuh prints his music character with a revolutionary Industrial Techno, IDM and Ambient Techno style.

The release features collaborations from three solid producers who shine on their own.

Esther Duijn, Amsterdam-born but Berlin-based, who has released outstanding productions on labels including Gegen Records – the team that runs the infamous party in Berlin – as well as outstanding Dj performances in Tresor, Pornceptual, De School, Sisyphos and Kitkat to remember some, debuts in Triamb with a hypnotic and forceful upbeat techno remix of “Iron Age”, bringing with an undoubted tool to make tension to the mix.

The French talent, MSKD, who has called attention from artists the like of Amelie Lens, featuring one of his latest music productions in her Fabric compilation, reveals a deep passion for broken beats and melancholia emotions, creating an expressive atmosphere with his remix of “The Noize” to blow the journey up. As a masterpiece, it has attributes to become a must-play in epic sets.

To close with a flourish, the Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist, Saumeth, has called attention in the specialised techno industry not only because of his upfront live-performances and Dj sets, invited to play at Bloc, KitKat, Maze, Mensch Meier and Humbolthain club to remember some, but also because of his album “Thema”, reviewed by Faze magazine – Germany, as well as featured by several media makers.

Saumeth brings two outstanding collaborations to the package, one as an Intro to open the music journey in a magic but mysterious way, and a second one as an Outro to close the trip with an astonishing sound that melts in the air. Both atmospheric, full of psycho sounds and textures inspired by nature and forms of architecture.

Mastering & Artwork by Gasquk at Astral Junction Studio in Berlin

Distribution :: Ready Made Distribution

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl