Radical G. – The Deserted Kingdom. – RGLTD001 – 4×12″ limited vinyl


  1. A blood red sky and a river Radical G 1:30
  2. Chaos and Silence Radical G 1:30
  3. The Deserted Kingdom album Radical G 1:30
  4. Manifestation of many minds Radical G 1:30
  5. Self Infused Pleasure Radical G 1:30
  6. Shivering Heights Radical G 1:30
  7. Funeral for the blind Radical G 1:30
  8. Passengers in the mist Radical G 1:30
  9. ft The Horrorist - Birds of prey Radical G 1:30
  10. Reign of fire Radical G 1:30
  11. The Deserted Kingdom (Arnaud Rebotini rmx) Radical G 1:30
  12. The Deserted Kingdom (Imperial black unit rmx) Radical G 1:30
  13. ft The Horrorist - Birds of prey (David Carretta rmx) Radical G 1:30
  14. ft The Horrorist - Birds of prey (B1980 rmx) Radical G 1:30
  15. Passengers in the mist (Cj Bolland rmx ) Radical G 1:30
  16. ft The Horrorist - Birds of prey (Shlomo rmx) Radical G 1:30
  17. The Deserted Kingdom (Hadone rmx) Radical G 1:30
  18. Passengers in the mist (Lokier rmx ) Radical G 1:30

From the Brvtalist:

The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Radical G. The prolific Belgian producer returns with a massive new LP titled, The Deserted Kingdom. The album contains 10 original tracks including the new Horrorist collab and in addition the full package comes with 8 remixes from Arnaud Rebotini, Imperial Black Unit, David Carretta, B1980, Shlømo, Hadone, Lokier and CJ bolland.

A massive release featuring some of the biggest and best from across the industrial, techno and EBM spectrums, very few artists can successfully navigate all these worlds but Radical G has done it again. With our crushing premiere today of “Chaos and Silence” to the pulse pounders from Hadone and Schlømo, this one has it all.

Weight 1200 g

EBM, Electronic, Industrial, Techno



4×12" Vinyl

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