Purgate – Hæresis – MP313.3 – 10″


  1. Loam Purgate 1:30
  2. Memento Purgate 1:30
  3. Headstone Purgate 1:30
  4. Dust Purgate 1:30

Purgate is Frederic Arbour’s latest project and although new to metaphysik, Purgate needs no introduction. Having previously released as one half of Stärker (Zhark Recordings, Hospital Productions) and Visions (Cyclic Law), Purgate presents Hæresis, part three of the Trinitas split, and captivates with a set of flawless yet reflective tracks.


Trinitas unites three prominent artists in one flow of energy constructed from three strong sequences with no dissipation: Kalve, Colapso and Hæresis. This collection of works is composed by SKD, Sturqen and label newcomer Purgate, the latest project of Frederic Arbour of Stärker (Hospital Productions) and Visions (Cyclic Law).

*Note, only selected tracks are on vinyl.

Weight 300 g

10″ Vinyl


Ambient, NOISE, Power Electronics, RHYTHMIC NOISE, Techno


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