Postdynamic – Fanged Contradiction – 55MOHM – 12″ EP


  1. Muzzled Phenomena Death Qualia 1:30
  2. Bright Black Death Qualia 1:30
  3. Kore Abduction Death Qualia 1:30
  4. Curb Your Fanged Death Qualia 1:30
  5. It Did Its Worst... Death Qualia 1:30
  6. On Contradiction Death Qualia 1:30

After perusing the silt underground of northern europe, Berlin’s Jon Baruc has returned for their first solo release in three years as Death Qualia. You may remember our shapeshifting friend from 2014’s Surface Tension LP by DEFCE – of which Baruc is 1/2. The Fanged Contradiction EP continues as a side plot to our rising comprehension of the anti-hero’s journey; this lore taking place in a timeless village threatened and paralysed by an all-terrain beast.

Musically, this record pays homage to Baruc and Ohm Resistance’s shared origins of New York as a sort of year 3030 take on urban east coast space-gangster beats. The brimming 6-track vinyl ranges from vivid scenic ambient to Death Qualia’s personal brand of ultra-techno.

Artwork by Nicolas Berger
Mastering by Dadub Mastering Studio
Tracks written and produced by Jonathan D. Baruc

Weight 300 g

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