Pineal Navigation/Daniel Andréasson – COMBINATION 1 EP – AS001 – 12″


  1. A1 - Sensory Open Pineal Navigation 1:30
  2. A2 - Enable Daniel Andréasson 1:30
  3. B1 - Money is a motivator Daniel Andréasson 1:30
  4. B1 - Off The Earth Pineal Navigation 1:30

When Irish DJ and producer Pineal Navigation set up Awareness System in 2020, he intended to use the label as an outlet for music, specifically Techno & Electro, that told an evocative story. As the world went into lockdown, Niall, aka Pineal Navigation, decided to hone in on a sound that produced a positive frequency and dismantle the negative energy that started to seep into everyday life. Two years on, the Dublin-based artist launches Awareness System with a split EP called ‘Combination 1’. Swedish producer Daniel Andréasson contributes two tracks to the release, adding another layer of intensity that aligns with the label’s aesthetic. Andréasson is an artist who approaches music with a no-frills attitude, which inspired Niall to invite his long-time friend into the fold of Awareness System.

On ‘Sensory Open’, Pineal Navigation creates an eerie atmosphere with swirling synths and gnarly basslines — a response to the chaos unfolding in the modern world. Daniel Andréasson cranks up the pace on ‘Enable’ with wonky drum patterns and distorted FX, veering into the darker textures of techno.
The flip-side opens with Daniel Andréasson’s ‘Money Is A Motivator’ where he mutates bleeps and crackling percussion, luring the listener into a dystopian soundscape. Pineal Navigation closes the EP with ‘Off The Earth’, a stomping blend of rumbling bass and stabby percussion. A potent club-orientated track to mark the first chapter in the story of Awareness System.
Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl




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