Pi Electronics [π] – VARIABLE REMIXES – PEVA02 – 12″


  1. 01 A1. Imminent Fear (Esplendor Geometrico Version) 1:30
  2. 02 A2. Inkl Rules (Container Remix) 1:30
  3. 03 A3. - Untitled (O_H Remix) 1:30
  4. 04 B1. GBNR17 (Geistform Remix) 1:30
  5. 05 B2. Spinner (ANFS Remix) 1:30

Greek electronic music platform, ‘π‘ turns seven this year and brings new features on its label catalogue. ‘Variable Remixes’ is the first remixes EP of the Pi Electronics Various Artists series ‘PEVA’. Five tracks from the debut compilation ‘Variable’ –released in 2018- are getting remixed by some of the label’s favorite acts.

Unhuman’s “imminent Fear” gets an alternative Version by the legendary, Spanish band of Esplendor Geometrico.
Damcase’s “INKL Rules” is remixed by American producer Container.
The untitled track of the Variable compilation, by the artist project “I am Legion, for We are many”, gets reinterpreted by the Canadia duo of Rich Oddie (Orphx) and Huren as ‘O/H’.
On the flip side, the track ‘GBNR17’ of the label’s ‘3.14’ gets its fix by Spanish, industrial techno maestro, Geistform and DΛS’ “Spinner” receives a special remix treatment by Athens’ infamous ANFS.

Noise break-beats of different tastes on the A side, with stomping industrial beats for the club and sub-club environment on the B side.

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl


BREAKS, Broken Beat, Electro, Experimental, Industrial, Techno


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