Phase Fatale & Silent Servant – Confess – BITE01 – 12″ CLEARBLACKSMOKE


  1. A1 pfss 1:30
  2. B1 pfss 1:30
  3. B2 pfss 1:30

Phase Fatale (Hayden Payne) and Silent Servant (Juan Mendez) started their collaboration in 2016 performing together live at several Jealous God showcases across Europe, such as Berlin Atonal, and then working together on Payne’s Redeemer Extended Mix 12” from his album on Hospital Productions last year. The Confess EP on BITE is a studio documentation of those aforementioned live performances and harnesses the cathartic energy of the stage into a physical medium.

The EP opens up with “Plastic Motion,” a techno track that is full of layers of subsonic pulsations, monolithically consuming the entire A-side. The sounds of the sirens are balanced against heavily stylized basslines moving in and out of the framework while bursts of white noise appear through the fog, creating a telekinetic hallucination. The B-side starts with the title track “Confess.” A ruthless song that crushes together bass-heavy broken beat rhythms with straight-ahead kicks and snares. It’s about to burst out of its seams any minute as psychedelic synths and buried vocals command it all to stay together. 

The closing track, “Tausend Heilige,” ups the pace to a motorik rhythm, driving underneath the wings of metallic synths and steady pounding drums. Meanwhile, the lamenting choir strings and dusty vocals swell to a stuttering electric signal. With the three tracks from the Confess EP, Phase Fatale and Silent Servant create a cinematic soundscape that has shed its skin and has brought to life a new interpretation of contemporary techno music.


A) Plastic Motion
B1) Confess
B2) Tausend Heilige
Weight 300 g




12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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