Nur Jaber – Beyond Borders EP – OSF008 – 12″


  1. Alle Für Einen ft. Isabel Nur Jaber 1:40
  2. Beyond Borders Nur Jaber 1:30
  3. Home ft. Zanias Nur Jaber 1:30
  4. Beyond Borders (Farrago Remix) Nur Jaber 1:30
  5. Es Gibt Platz Für Alle ft. Isabele Nur Jaber 1:30
  6. Beyond the Fear ft. The Culture Nur Jaber 1:45
Perhaps we are all refugees, for refuge is a human need.
Seeking new life to begin, the home we seek is found within.
Beyond the fear, the hate, beyond the rule of order.
Beyond a race or a gender, we are one.
Beyond borders.
releases April 8, 2019

Artwork by Jaume Madevall
Mastering by Conor Dalton at Glowcast Mastering
Thank you to Zanias, Isabel & The Culture for their powerful voices.

Weight 300 g


Atmospheric, Techno


12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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