Max und Max – World Clash Incl. Crystal Geometry RMX – SG2294 – 12″


  1. SG2294_Max und Max_01_Art & Entertainment Max und Max 1:30
  2. SG2294_Max und Max_02_Cultural Affirmation Max und Max 1:30
  3. SG2294_Max und Max_03_Wings Max und Max 1:30
  4. SG2294_Max und Max_04_World clash (Crystal Geometry Mix) Max und Max 1:30
  5. SG2294_Max und Max_05_World Clash (Max Durante Mix) Max und Max 1:30

Available 25.07.2022

Max Und Max is the new collaborative project from Maxime Fabre of Crystal Geometry and Roman techno pioneer Max Durante. Their debut release “World Clash” is questioning the role of music in our declining society. Entertainment has prostituted itself and money is killing art. They fght back to reclaim our subculture.

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl


ACID, EBM, Industrial, Techno


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