Linn Elisabet – 47034 – 47034 – 12″


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Limited edition black vinyl w/ 3D printed sticker. Only 100 copies, numbered by hand.

For the first release of 2023, 47 welcomes Berlin-based DJ and producer Linn Elisabet to its roster. An artist with a singular background in choral singing and gender studies, their work explores techno as a vehicle for transgression and non-compliance. 47034 sits at the nexus of these practices; using searing swathes of rhythmic noise, operatic vocals and broken beats, it explores the space where functional, forward-looking dance music and non-traditional sound design meet.

The collection starts with a euphoric dance floor stepper, “In Which I Am Reflected,” which mixes the fury and speed of peak-time techno with the grandeur of contemporary classical. The EP carries this reverberant soundscape into the following tracks. “Emotion vs Affect (I Hear Too Much)” serves punishing kicks under Elisabet’s echoing screams, while “Feeding Into Each Other,” a ghostly interlude that clocks in at mid-tempo, offsets crafty percussion with the artist’s buried singing line. “Challenge Me,” 47034’s closer, layers ambient pads with sublime spoken word that summarizes the release’s running theme: “Challenge me with a mind that is open to anything.”

Release February 24, 2023
Distribution :: Ready Made Distribution
Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl




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