KHIDI Various Artists II – Oscar Mulero/Yanamaste/ORPHX/Vulkanski – KHIDIVA002 – 12″


  1. A1 - Saturn Oscar Mulero 1:30
  2. A2 - Overdose Yanamaste 1:30
  3. B1 - Suspended Animation Orphx 1:30
  4. B2 - Selfish Traps Vulkanski 1:30

Available 06.04.2021

For the second release of KHIDI’s acclaimed various artist series, the club combines together music from international pioneers Oscar Mulero and Orphx and its local, distinct residents Vulkanski and Yanamaste. As some of the most well-established and grand producers of the international techno scene, both Mulero and Orphx have played in the club previously, creating a couple of the most memorable events. Vulkanski, a heavyweight of the Georgian techno scene, and Yanamaste, an emerging talent who already has gained massive acknowledgment, once again truly define the vibrant dynamics of Tbilisian techno scene. All four original tracks undoubtedly illustrate and radiate the curated sound, vision and atmosphere of KHIDI. The second VA melds together diverse styles of techno, thus creating a singular and contrasting compilation.


Artwork by Acid Hazel
Mastering by Carlos Koschitzky & Alain Paul

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl




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