Kareem – The garden Of Time – ZHARK031 – LP


  1. A_ INHALE Pt1 Kareem 1:30
  2. A_ INHALE Pt2 Kareem 1:30
  3. A_ INHALE Pt3 Kareem 1:30
  4. A_ INHALE Pt4 Kareem 1:30
  5. A_ INHALE Pt5 Kareem 1:30
  6. The Garden of Time - Pt1 Kareem 1:31
  7. The Garden of Time - Pt2 Kareem 1:30
  8. The Garden of Time - Pt3 Kareem 1:30
  9. The Garden of Time - Pt4 Kareem 1:30
  10. The Garden of Time - Pt5 Kareem 1:30
Available:  06.05.2019
Kareem’ first extensive release in 5 years completes the eclectic approaches of its predecessors NOCTOCROMAS (Zhark Recordings) and PORTO RONCO (The Death of Rave).
The piece (Side A and Side B) is divided into 10 motives and embracing several moods: (Sub)Genres, methods and sound sources are consistently intermingled in order to create a richer more complete music experience – in avoidance of formalism and standarization.
Limited White Vinyl.


Weight 300 g


Experimental, Industrial, Techno



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