Josh Coakley – Coakley Collabs Vol.1 – CBR004 – 12″


  1. W.O.T.U (feat. Karl Seery) Josh Coakley 2:00
  2. Detroit (feat. blk.) Josh Coakley 2:00
  3. Fade To Grey (feat. Black Traffic) Josh Coakley 2:00
  4. Illusionist (feat. KIRK) Josh Coakley 2:00
  5. MYB (feat. jxck) Josh Coakley 2:00
  6. Who's In The Garden (feat. Sharpson, Wax White) Josh Coakley 2:00

Available 20.06.2022

Choki Biki Records is proud to present: Coakley Collabs Vol.1! A new collaboration EP curated by DJ and Producer Josh Coakley; a Dublin based DJ & Producer.

Coakley Collabs Vol.1 consists of six Techno orientated collaborations between Josh Coakley and other Irish talent including; blk., Sharpson, jxck, KIRK, Karl Seery and Black Traffic. Each track varies between a blend of Acid, Electro, Trance and Breakbeat, under the umbrella of Coakley’s signature Techno sound.

  1. Josh Coakley & Karl Seery – W.O.T.U

You might be familiar with the introductory track: W.O.T.U by Coakley and Dublin producer Karl Seery, as it has already received serious airtime on BBC Introducing thanks to Jaguar. This techno banger features an array of rave stabs and classic hardcore breaks, which perfectly represents the collaboration between Coakley’s signature techno sound, and Choki Biki’s Nu-Rave aesthetic.

  1. Josh Coakley & blk. – Detroit

Next up is Detroit featuring prolific techno producer blk..This dubby – techno track features the iconic acapella of Fedde Le Grande’s iconic ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’. Its use of 808 programming gives an authentic replication of the early Detroit techno productions. Its contemporary hard-hitting nature is influenced by the likes of FJAAK, which blends nicely with its clear influence from Jeff Mills.

  1. Josh Coakley & Black Traffic – Fade To Grey

Fade To Grey comes from Josh Coakley’s Collaboration with Scott Prendergast AKA Black Traffic. The pair have composed a track that tows the lines between Trance and Melodic Techno. Black Traffic’s signature use of rich textures and melodies contrast with Coakley’s ‘in your face’ techno drum programming. Fade To Grey is already making the rounds in Irish clubs as it was featured in Four Four Magazine as track of the week.

  1. Josh Coakley & KIRK – Illusionist

Illusionist is an Acid Techno track from Coakley and Carlow based producer KIRK. Illusionist steers away from the direction of the ‘retro’ Detroit sounding Techno and moves towards the more atmospheric sounds of European Acid Techno producers such as A.S.Y.S. & T78. Its arpeggiated 303 programming and use of psychedelic vocal samples creates an atmosphere that would be right pounding throughout a club in Amsterdam.

  1. Josh Coakley & Jxck – MYB

Next up is MYB, an Electro-Breaks collaboration between Coakley and Jxck. This syncopated belter is sure to make you do exactly what it says on the tin; Move Your Body! Featured by the one and only HOUZ, this Break track has already seen serious support from Techno and Electro DJs alike. With a return to a ‘4 to the Floor’ beat halfway through, this heavy hitter is sure to keep an audience on their toes.

  1. Josh Coakley & Sharpson – Who’s In The Garden (feat. Wax White)

The Final Track of Coakley Collabs Vol.1 takes a total turn with Who’s In The Garden?. This track is a double collaboration between Coakley, Choki Biki label boss Sharpson, and Irish Hip-Hop group Wax White. This high tempo breakbeat track has a cheeky, lighthearted nature to it thanks to the use of happy hardcore sounding synths and Wax White’s hilarious Dublin Mannerisms thrownout throughout the track. The track comes to a screeching halt with an Electro Breaks breakdown supplied by Sharpson. Coakley’s intricate arrangement and production skills really shine through in this final track, as its numerous ideas fit tightly knit together.


Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl


ACID, Electro, Techno


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