Itako – Broken Materials – SGCD2201 – CD


  1. SGCD2201_01_Itako_Radius Itako 1:30
  2. SGCD2201_02_Itako_Grey Area Itako 1:30
  3. SGCD2201_03_Itako_La Limite Itako 1:30
  4. SGCD2201_04_Itako_Not To Trust (Yr Bdy Is A Lie) Itako 1:30
  5. SGCD2201_05_Itako_Impatient Itako 1:30
  6. SGCD2201_06_Itako_Without Scuba Itako 1:30
  7. SGCD2201_07_Itako_Creak The Funk Itako 1:30
  8. SGCD2201_08_Itako_Progression Towards Defeat Itako 1:30
  9. SGCD2201_10_Itako_Discovering A Different Scope Itako 1:30
  10. SGCD2201_09_Itako_Getting Stuck Itako 1:30

Itako hails from Strasbourg , France. His music creation speciality is blending an array of consciousness-expanding sounds over slower electro and technoid beats. His debut album “Broken Material” on Sonic Groove splashes acid, dashes Body music basslines , and sprinkles Belgian New Beat over a ten song album creating a perfect concoction of sci fction cyber psychodelia that will you drive you into unexplored dimensions.

Weight 300 g


ACID, EBM, Electronic, Industrial


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