INFRAVISION – Illegal Future – F//022 Orange/Red – DB12″


  1. A1 - Night Drift INFRAVISION 1:30
  2. A2 - 4 am Parga Street INFRAVISION 1:30
  3. B1 - Wasteland INFRAVISION 1:30
  4. B2 - Wrong Reality INFRAVISION 1:30
  5. C1 - Crossing Borders INFRAVISION 1:30
  6. C2 - Anthem INFRAVISION 1:30
  7. D1 - Illegal Future INFRAVISION 1:30
  8. D2 - Outer Limits INFRAVISION 1:30

Finally back in stock… Available NOW!!! Orange/Red coloured vinyl version ONLY.

The Illegal Future LP by INFRAVISION is the soundtrack to a (not so) imaginary future constructed with clear cyberpunk aesthetics, inspired by films like Strange Days, Blade Runner or Akira and of course by the current disturbing era.

Through their titles, lyrics and sonic palette Kendal & Pablo Bozzi channel a dystopian narrative on themes of virtual reality, police brutality, ultra-authoritarian leadership, illegal nocturnal activities, border controls, ecological crises and space colonisation.

It is their ambition to imbue the italo, EBM, early trance and breakbeat sounds of the 80s and 90s with an undeniably modern touch, making claim to their very own distinctive and powerful sound : Italo Body Music from another reality.

All tracks written, produced and mixed by Kendal Mulla & Pablo Bozzi
Vocals and lyrics on Wasteland written and performed by Alison Lewis
Mastered by Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering
Artwork by Antoine La Fay – Studio Malevitch

Weight 600 g


DB12″ Vinyl


EBM, Electronic, italo body music, ITALO DISCO, Techno, TRANCE


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