Gilmer Galibard – Anam Cara – GIL02 – 12″


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  1. GIL02 A Anam Cara 2:00
  2. GIL02 B Henko (Tapasya Mix) 2:00
  3. GIL02 B1 Henko (Etheral Reshape) 2:00

GIL’s second release provides moments of lightness and euphoria, offering a glimpse of the transcendental experiences that can be found in nature.

Anam Cara, which means “soul friend” in Gaelic, sets the tone for the journey that listeners are about to embark on. Each track is a sonic tribute to the power and beauty of friendship, evoking the many moods and emotions that are part of this intricate relationship.

The modular sounds add a sense of intricacy and complexity to the record, while the metallic textures add a raw and industrial edge that complements the softer, fluid movements of the aquatic elements. The blend of downtempo and deep techno creates a sonic landscape that is both contemplative and hypnotic, inviting listeners to reflect on the many nuances of friendship. From the ethereal modular sounds of “Henko (Ethereal Reshape)” to the shimmering metallic textures of “Henko (Tapasya Mix)” each track is a unique sonic journey that captures the essence of this powerful relationship.

Written, produced and engineered by Gilmer Galibard Vinyl

distribution via Ready Made
Mastered by Anne Taegert at D&M
Artwork by Gilmer Galibard

Weight 300 g

12″ Vinyl




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