Entire City – How To Be Yourself – VSCM001 – CD


  1. 1- When We Were Young Entire City 2:02
  2. 2- How Many Times Were You Right Entire City 2:00
  3. 3- A Relationship Entire City 1:11
  4. 4- Father_s steps Entire City 1:11
  5. 5 - A Relationship (end) Entire City 1:11
  6. 6 - I Love You Mom Entire City 1:00
  7. 7 - Four Hands Become Eight Entire City 1:11

Enrico Cesaro, also known as Mace., is back under the Entire City alias with “How To Be Yourself”, a co-release between viscm and angoisse.

A highly personal work, the 6 tracks comprising the album shape a canvas of individual experiences, family memories and collective (un)consciousness that suggests – both by blending together and maintaining their own singular character – the hurdle of grasping totality.

“How to be Yourself” is an ode to the ever-changing, elusive and untouchable unfolding of the self which leads to the question:
“Have I ever been someone?”

Graphics and Layout: Alberto Ongaro
Video: Ioannis Papadakis & Enrico Cesaro
Mastering: Gianmaria Dell’Aera

Weight 300 g


Ambient, Electronic, Shoegaze, Synth


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