Duellist – Hereditary EP. (Feat:Swarm Intelligence Rework) FSFR003 – 7″ Inch



COMING VERY SOON. 27.01.2020

Edinburgh born Chris Braun, otherwise known as Duellist, is set to drop a hard-hitting new release on the immersive Wunderblock’s sub label Folgsamkeitfaktor, in partnership with Berlin-based Ready Made Distribution. Duellist has already surpassed a dedicated following with his forward-thinking industrial sound. Known for breaking boundaries within the techno sphere, the primarily industrial and EBM influenced Folgsamkeitfaktor choose wisely with Duellist as the deliverer on their third release, a swarming industrial 7-inch EP titled Hereditary.

‘Hereditary (Original Mix)’ is energetic from the start, real industrial techno to sink your teeth into, the producer clearly pulling some unique textures from his love of grunge and metal. Truly powerful, the track takes you into another dimension from its smoky beginning until locking you into a frenzy of kick drums and pounding bass. The track is given an atmospheric remix by fellow friend and producer Swarm Intelligence, lowering the BPM and increasing the distortion on this dark and tense banger of a remix.

Not to be missed among the industrial underworld, the handle-with-care EP will be delivered on the 27th of January via Folgsamkeitfaktor.

Written and produced by Chris Braun in Glasgow, Scotland.
Track B remixed by Simon Hayes.
Mastered at Prodam Berlin.
Format: 7″ Vinyl / Digital.
Distributed by Ready Made.
All rights reserved. Copyright control.
[p][c] 2020 Folgsamkeitfaktor [FSFR003]

Weight 300 g

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