Collapsed Dimention Agent – False Destination – SEQ002 – 12″/Book


  1. SEQ002 A1 1:30
  2. SEQ002 A2 1:30
  3. SEQ002 B1 1:30
  4. SEQ002 B2 1:27

Deep dive into the realm of electro music. Hypnotic multi-layered baselines,
unpredicted drops and bursting beats would make precise, nevertheless not full definition of this EP.
Following the debut of the sequel with an exhibition showcasing artwork’s creation and
conceptualization, we face SEQ002: False Destination, a new chapter where the story
continues in an unexpected way. It holds the question, to which unknown territory did
the agent headed from his collapsed dimention?

– Side A takes you on a journey that echoes the spirit of interdimensional travel, a
recurring theme in electro music. Impact One throws you into a captivating sonic
environment, grabbing your attention with distinct sonic events, all layered over a
foundation of subtly shifting rhythmic patterns. A2 is another mention of wrong
dimention, hard alterations on early 90s Rave revivalism with peculiar artifacts and
touch of blue note with breakbeat burst out conclusion.
– On the flip, a couple of heavyweights. Thick kicks jumping from 4-to-the-floor to
broken beat, uncertain breakdowns and unexpected amen breaks driving audience on the
edge. Hypnotic bassline for B1 was characterized as Giorgio Moroder on steroids. Last
track is a calm blend in ending on a hybrid cosmic breaks combined with Yamaha DX7.

This time comic-like backside artwork has an insert accompaniment to immerse within the
world created by the artist behind the record. AI has been used to create artwork,
generating imagery as a way to bring ideas to life. It offers
a cryptic clue, a fragmented piece of the puzzle that complements the music to tell the

Weight 300 g



BASS, Electro, Electronic, Techno


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