Blockdata – Vacuum Decay – 58MOHM – 12 EP


  1. A1 - Blockdata - Tertiary 1:30
  2. A2 - Blockdata - Exas 1:30
  3. B1 - Blockdata - Control Pattern 1:30
  4. B2 - Blockdata - Siren 1:30

Available 15.02.2021

Scotland’s Gav Hislop has long been on

electronic music’s radar, with performances and
releases as Babyshaker. A superior professional sound designer, he has shifted gears to an expert display of controlled demolition in drum n bass & beyond under the name ​Blockdata​. Releasing on Therapy Sessions, Triple G Recordings, Sonicterror, and Abstrakt Reflections previously, this is the first solo vinyl release of the project.

Scientific precision, sound design and creatively rolling rhythms construct the EP, described by ​Blockdata​ himself as “​Four tracks taking little bits from the various styles of music I like to make.​ ”.
Speaking about the specification of the process and the difference between other heleases, Hislop stresses that: “​I had the opportunity to work with Daniele Antezza from Dadub when it came to the mastering process. I was really impressed with the sound he got out of my tracks.

We made the decision early on the EP wasn’t going to join the loudness wars.​” – Hislop sums it all up just saying: “​I’m really pleased with the outcome as a result.​”
Interestingly, that inspiration for the release came from the theoretical world-ending event known as Vaccum Decay. It’s surprising how the feeling of collapse may attract some of the artists. And Blockdata is one of these rare-cases when an artist looks and finds inspiration in an unexpected place. “​It’s mostly about the exploration of deep space and the universe ultimately coming to an end​” – notices ​Blockdata​.

Tertiary, Exas, and Control Pattern all steer clearly onto the drum n bass dancefloor, with hyperactive synthesizer work and intricate change-ups framing each piece. They push the listeners to the unexpected areas – just like it was with Blockdata himself, who commenting the process of work notices that: “​The tracks on this release mostly started off as small experiments in different areas of sound design, which overtime grew into larger projects of their own​.”

Gavin adds: “​This is pretty common for my music. For the four tracks that I ended up with for this EP there were another 10 or 15 that never made it past that initial experimentation stage​

The EP ending Siren is the jewel of the EP, a 100 BPM piece of melancholia that stays in the memory, as long as its own extended midranges stretch to the furthest reaches of infinity.

Mastered by Daniele Antezza @ Dadub Studios Artwork by MachineTM

Weight 300 g





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