Blasted – Reborn/Arkham – Feat remixes by SIRIO GRY J/PAUL BIRKEN – AEV02- 12″


  1. A1_REBORN_original mix 1:00
  2. A2_REBORN_ SIRIO GRY J remix 1:00
  3. B1_ARKHAM_original mix 1:00
  4. B2_ARKHAM_PAUL BIRKEN remix 1:00

Asteroid Records’ catalogue keeps expanding exponentially. Label chief Blasted brings you more of his purely analogue creations. Italian producer continues series of EPs titled Aelien, and Aelien II is presented thusly – two new originals by Blasted backed by two reworks from Monolith Records owner Sirio Gry J and Paul Birken – a one-man techno army from Minneapolis.
Ethereal bassline will kick off the opener Reborn, but the serenity of intro will be quickly interrupted by heavy-duty drum kicks, synthetic fields and high-reaching, chirping drops of reverberated acid. In his vision of Reborn, Sirio Gry J leaves no window open for light – it’s a grim, completely disarming ode to warehouse-held midnight sessions, intended to instantly penetrate the mind’s defense system with oppressive kicks supported by tightly compressed low bass. Next up is Arkham – its resonant, uncanny bassline will give you the thrills while acid-soaked, syncopated kicks will keep providing the energy required for some boundaryless dancefloor frenzy. Lastly, Paul Birken elevates Arkham to a faster pace, straightening out the kicks, and making them more bouncy, while reshaping the bassline into a less sinister, more lively undertone.

Artwork by Gabriele Bonato

Weight 300 g


Industrial, Techno


12″ Vinyl, Vinyl

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